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being in school again basically means trying to paint and read and think a lot while still somehow getting at least 1 substantial meal in and sleeping as much as possible but still waking up tired

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It’s 100% a love story. The best love stories are the ones where they don’t end up together. We very deliberately tried to make it like a love story. She has girl, she loses girl, she tries to win girl back. Just trying to make it feel like it was existing within the tropes of a romantic love story, then letting the reins go. It’s sad. That’s my favorite feeling in movies, that ache.

Greta Gerwig, on Frances/Sophie’s relationship

I’m so happy Greta’s How I Met Your Dad thing didn’t work out so she can keep making movies like Frances Ha

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Tekstur no.3  #discarded #styrofoam #print on #paper #printmaking #relief #experiment #exploration :-D


Tekstur no.3 
#discarded #styrofoam #print on #paper #printmaking #relief #experiment #exploration :-D

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When I like someone, I don’t give a fuck about my ego. I’ll text them continually throughout my day even if they haven’t replied. I’ll let them know how much I care about them. I’ll admit when I’m wrong. I’ll tell them I miss them. Life is too short to play stupid games with the one you care about.

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